Lyrics Competitions

Lyrics Competitions

Get Your Students Fired Up!

Our Lyrics Competition is a turnkey package that was originally created to get students fired up! It can be adapted to be used for any schoolwide event. Your students and teachers participate, and we provide lesson plans and other support materials including:

  • Downloadable support & promotion materials such as posters, cd designs, event flyers, and lyric sheets
  • Lesson plans – centered around teaching lyric writing and putting lyrics with music.
  • Pre-recorded music with no vocals, these are called beats or instrumentals.  All music is customized for RockASchool and is available for your download and use when you are a member of our program.
  • Banner designs – downloadable banner that can be printed in your area

Samples of Beats:

Instrumental Example 1

Instrumental Example 2

Instrumental Example 3

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Samples Of Items With The Package:

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Sample CD Design

Rap Poster Design